I should probably mention, at this stage, that while I managed to fend off turning into a pasty white croissant for longer than I had imagined was possible after returning to la Metropatisserie, I did eventually take the appearance of that which I found myself sitting down to eat in various cafe’s while sipping on espresso waiting to check back into hostels I’d just checked out of. But, managing to avoid death by pastry, have once again regained some sort of skin tone. Which was only made possible due to being a travel blogger. That being the sort of person whose responsibility it is to sit around in the sun for weeks on end trying to think of something to write about while not actually doing any traveling.

I should probably also mention that I’m looking for sponsors to provide me with technology that I can sit in the elements for weeks on end waiting on to arrive, as I try to think of topics to write about while my blog gains enough traction to enable me to travel the world as a travel blogger, beating myself with technology that makes me want to beat myself to death with it as I throw myself out of airliners due to giving up on life as a result of the technology I’ve received. Asus.