The trouble with computing

Following my last post, I wanted to point out that I took the offer of installing Windows 10 after it was released. Not immediately, but soon enough afterwards that it was still being offered as a free upgrade, yet long enough afterwards that the initial bugs had been attended to.

After having experienced Windows 8, I was hesitant to go ahead with the installation of Windows 10, so did some research, but ultimately made the decision to install Windows 10 based on one factor – Windows 8.

The research was a good idea, as it enabled me to weigh up some of the pros and cons, and ultimately, once having gone ahead with the installation, find myself settled in the conclusion that the pros outweighed the cons – the cons being, it was still Windows, the pros being, it wasn’t Windows 8.

I did have to make a lot of tweaks to the system once installing it, however, in an attempt to counteract the amount of data that would otherwise be collected by Microsoft, thus (as a result of the removal of certain functions), rendering parts of it inoperable, but thought it was a fair trade, considering I have an iPhone, which happens to be better in every respect I can think of to my now desktop, which slides in a mere long way behind in terms of usage and favourability of the iPhone.

I should probably point out, at this stage, that I’m looking for sponsors to support me while I travel the world as a blogger and share insights and experiences regarding the places which I have visited, cultures I have experienced, and technology I have encountered. Also, I am currently writing this on my iPhone, which I find more favourable in every way I can think of to my now desk top. Also, I should point out that I wrote the entirety of the last post on my iPhone, which I find to be more favourable in every way I can think of to my now desk top, and will probably continue to write future posts from my iPhone, because I find it to be more favourable in every way I can think of to my now desktop. And unless HP come through with a replacement laptop, blogging on the move is going to be difficult from my desktop.

So, to help clarify the process by which I came about my decision to install Windows 10, here is a question and answers list, which I compiled, relating to aspects regarding Windows 8.

Questions to which the answer is, or could contribute toward the answer being, Windows 8.


What’s wrong with my computer?

What’s wrong with my life?

Why can’t I…?

Why doesn’t it…?

Isn’t that supposed to…?


…isn’t it working?

Why such a bad day?

Why is it best not to think about it?

Why is death now so appealing?

Under what circumstances would it be celebratory that your hard drive stopped working?

Why is my previous, now non functioning computer still better than my current one?

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Why did the grown man cry?

Why is the sky blue?

What’s the only thing that scares Chuck Norris?

What couldn’t MacGyver fix?

What was the best thing about the 80’s?

How long does it take before you realise you’ve just made an extremely poor purchase?

Why can people be so unkind?

Why depression?

Why burnout?

Why so serious?

Why not Kryptonite?

What’s the antonym of “My precious”?

Why do babies die?

Why does everyone else die?

Why does it always rain on me?

War, huh…?

Why must the world end?

What’s the matter?

Why not log in?

Why has my laptop screen become sandwiched between my fist and the wall?

What’s that embedded in my hand? > Glass >…

Why Mac OS?

Why Linux?

Why Acorn Electron?

Why Windows 98?

Name at least one reason for which you might lose your position of employment, having just completed the development of a brand new operating system?

Why is my hand bleeding?



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