Check out to check in

I’m sitting in a cafe sipping on an espresso. I’m waiting to check back into the hostel I had been staying in after checking out to check into its mother hostel which I’ve just checked out of to check back into again tomorrow. Something to do with moving guests around due to “maintenance being undertaken”. Or having been living in accommodation not intended to be lived in for too long for too long…. or something. So that is what most of today and tomorrow will consist of – moving between hostels.

Despite the fact it’s around mid December and there has been the amount of sun of late that is to typically be expected from the skies above this fine land of seasonal diabolical disorder and opportunity, I’m wearing a t-shirt, and am looking at my arms considering how much of a croissant I may be beginning to resemble. But considering the fact that I thought I’d already be dead by now, and am not, but instead spending my days waiting to check into places I checked out of to check back into again, I’ve been looking at the steel legged table which I am currently sitting at wondering if I could sneak it out the door in an under the table like fashion and down to the canal – which is about as far away from where I am now as where the river was in relation to the cafe I was seated at in my previous post, which, if you read, you’ll understand the corresponding relationship of tables partly comprised of steel and going for a walk longer than is reasonable with to the nearest body of water. But, given the uncertainty of canal depth to body height ratios and the fact that I’d rather not have to walk that far with anything as cumbersome tied to my leg after having been expending energy all week on tasks I am undertaking to supplement my blog while it gains traction, and to reimburse the credit lending department who had previously been fronting my travel costs, living costs, costs to secure myself technology I will regret having purchased, and costs incurred through using their service, I might just sit here a while longer and continue typing on a piece of technology I don’t regret having purchased. That being my iPhone.

At this point, I would just like to say that the only regret I have about purchasing an iPhone, is not having purchased an iPhone sooner, and that had I purchased an iPhone sooner, I might just have been able to retain enough sanity not to have ended up spending my days sitting around waiting to check back into hostels that I’ve checked out of to check into to check back out of again while tapping out what my life has come to and the state of it and so on etc, etc, on the one thing that could have potentially helped avoid all of this. Which if you read my first three posts…

Also, I should point out, at this stage, that I’m looking for sponsors to support me with continuing lines of technology in order to enable me to document places I’ve lived in, am living in, and will live in in the future as I travel the world logging about the places I have visited, lodgings I check into to check out of to check back into, and technology that I use to document the technology I use, have used, and will potentially use in the future, and that future technology that would further enable me to do this would likely include something like an iPhone, but larger in surface area, and not necessarily a phone, but more like a pad, the name of which could start out the same as that of the iPhone, but end in ‘ad’. And that would look something like this:


But more like it ought to.


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