There’s a hole in my search for incredible – “Dear” Asus

I’m sitting in the foyer of the hostel I checked into yesterday, typing on my iPhone. I’ve just finished sipping on an espresso. I’m waiting here after having checked out to check back into the hostel I checked out of the day before.

The Search for Incredible is sitting beside me as it charges, logged on to the internet, aided in its search of incredible.

I think it has a memory leak. At least this is what the internet would suggest. It’s also what the pop up windows, which go so far as to provide informative insights such as, ‘Your computer is low on memory’ and, ‘Can’t install updates, your computer is low on memory, and, ‘Low on memory, close program to restore sufficient memory’, would suggest.

This sort of behavior might typically be understandable from such a device running a Windows operating system (this being the sort of devise that might easily become overloaded by having to manage too many tasks in order to run a Windows operating system) so it comes as no real surprise that to follow the suggested action of closing the program in use would mean closing the only program in use. This was not the case after having initially purchased the Search for Incredible – this being when I used to be able to push the limits of its incredibility in order to use a program without Windows recreating itself in pop ups upon attempting to close the program; in contrast to now being met with pop up windows stating that there is insufficient memory to perform the task of closing the opened program.



The only opened program at the time of being presented with the suggestion of closing these programs.


An informative pop up window which appeared upon attempting to close a program.


I realise now why people who have not yet reached old age develop symptoms associated with senility. When the mind finally says,


And you say, “But yes, we’re still relatively young.”

And it says, “Yes, but, if science is correct, so was the universe when it was a big steaming pile of lifeless plasmatic goo.”

To which you have no response. Because your mind, in all its altered consciousness, or subconsciousness, or unconsciousness, or in the genius of its madness, is right. But, having imploded into a state of maddened cerebral goo, what is there left to decide whether it is right or not.

At this stage, I should probably re-emphasise my prolific use of the iPhone, and that, through its prolific use – aided by prolonged battery life, provided by what I have come to realise, through a lengthy process of trial and error, is not so much a laptop as it is a portable battery pack – a small portion of my brain continues to operate well enough to know that something must surely have gone horribly wrong in the universe for a laptop (the existence of which insinuates parallels with the incredible) to (amidst the myriad of other reasons it chooses to) delve into the deep dark realms of the unresponsive (much the same as the effects of an unformed star on surrounding matter, or of a so-called doomsday planet (X) on another planet, or of a universe, hypothesised to exist in a theory supposing the existence of more than one universe, on another universe) upon being plugged in to charge.

Which is just one more reason that I’m typing this on my iPhone.



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