Not having a title for this post, I thought I’d write that.

Not having done any travelling between now and my last post, with this being a travel blog, I was beginning to wonder what to write about. But then I realised that there’s no default follow button on the site. So I thought I’d write about that.

I guess there used to be one once. I’ve convinced myself of this for two reasons. The first reason being, 1) I have some followers, and the second being, 2) I seem to remember checking some time ago that there was a follow button in order to convince myself that it might be possible to gain some followers. This could have been before I had any followers. It was also probably due to making sure there was a way of gaining followers so that the blog might gain enough traction to enable me to travel the world as a travel blogger, making a living out of logging, vlogging, and blogging about the places I’ve been to, encounters I’ve experienced, and technology that makes me want to throw myself out of airliners mid-flight between the places I’m travelling to to blog about. The latest being the missing functions and inconsistencies with that which allegedly powers 27% of the internet.

I spent all of one day this past month waiting for iCloud to sync with my iPhone so that I could gain access to content uploaded to iCloud on my iPhone. I lost it off my iPhone after resetting functions that the internet (perhaps at least in part from its you-never-know-what-to-expect-next 27%) informed me might be beneficial to reset in the event that content wasn’t syncing between iCloud and iPhone. This caused me to lose the content from my iPhone and rediscover the pitfalls of relying on the synchronization of anything beginning with ‘technology’ and ending in ‘not syncing’ (this being a large percentage of technology that I seem to encounter) when accumulative delays amounting to what hadn’t at that stage been spent of the day waiting for iCloud for iPhone arose due to one of the tremendous anti features which is cemented into Windows 10.2 for iPhone.

However, twelve hours later things were back on track to where they had been 12 hours earlier. Just without any evidence of progress within the 12 hours that had just passed. Except for having been able to revert back to where things had been 12 hours earlier. This still being further than I’ve been able to get with trying to sync my iPhone with my laptop. Which has been going on ever since… Windows. Which I’m 99.100% convinced is the reason for most of what doesn’t work not working.

Two days later I was working on that which I had been working on in my little room (which wasn’t actually my room) – which I moved out of to move back into a bigger room, in a hostel – when intensive internet based research on internet integrated buttons led me to realise I had no immediately apparent way of gaining followers on my blog. I began to wonder how many potential followers I’d missed through this being absent, and, had it not been absent, whether I could have by now been flying through the air at 53m/s toward the earth as I travelled between destinations from which I was making a living blogging about my experiences in.

Further internet based research led me to the conclusion that this probably wouldn’t have been the case when my suspicions (certainties) that missing follow buttons aren’t the only inconsistency with that which allegedly powers 27% of the internet were put to rest, and, had the follow button been there, I would probably still be in the same state of cognitive deterioration I was in at the time of beginning this blog almost twelve months earlier, spending my days searching the internet for what to do with my life when it, or things, like technology, or my mind, or other things, but mainly technology, aren’t working.

I tried joining an Apple forum in order to enter into insightful discussion about everything that’s wrong with the world and what might be able to be done about at least some of it – mostly in regards to technology – but upon attempting to sign up I was met with –


What I was met with when attempting to sign up to an Apple forum to discuss everything that’s wrong with the world and what might be able to be done about at least some of it.


I’ve been thinking about looking into joining a that-which-allegedly-powers-27%-of-the-internet forum, just for the sake of seeing whether or not there’s a join button, but all my time seems to be taken up with giving up on life due to technology that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Thankfully though, I have an iPhone, so I can find time to do things that I otherwise might not have had the time to do without it, as I work on the move – like at 53m/s as I’m plummeting toward the earth from an airliner.

Having said that, I’ve added an aftermarket follow button. Much like the ones I expect are retrofitted into the cockpits of out of date airliners.

It also appears that, due to a highly set spam detection setting, I might have been missing out on quite a lot of feed back that may or may not have been submitted by cleverbot. Despite the majority of the few messages that were still available to view having some of the most erroneous spelling this side of terminal velocity, it’s difficult to know for sure, but some of them could have been legitimate. Due to the highly intelligent properties of cleverbot, it’s difficult to know just how much mechanised bot vs highly intelligent being domo arigato Mr roboto is, but after having posed the question of whether or not el clevertron was responsible for the spam, I am left no more or less convinced either way.

By the way, I checked in to check out of another hostel in order to give it a review that might just be the difference between someone checking into the wrong sort of hostel for there liking. It was either for this reason or because there were no further vacancies in the hostel I was already checked into. Hopefully the following enlightenments will answer any questions as to whether or not this would be the wrong sort of hostel for your liking.


If you’re seeking inspirational guidance in the way of what to do with your hopes and dreams after having not first succeeded, this might be the hostel for your liking.
If you don’t have a basic comprehension of physical laws involving limits pertaining to volume and capacity, this might not be the hostel for your liking.

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